Britain After Brexit – I told you so :)

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Britain After Brexit - I told you so

Britain After Brexit – I told you so 🙂 (±x)

Published on 30th September 2016

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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20161010 Update

Some interesting articles published about Marketing Volatility re the GBP as well as Privacy Concerns:-

20160930 Update

Apparently ‘We can go where we want to’ (second verse) but why is the UK Government going nowhere? No strategies for exit, no ‘boldly going where no government has gone before’?

I read an interesting article today about the aftermath of Brexit and wanted to share it with my fellow Linkies (is that the term?)

Financial markets do not like uncertainty and for companies in the UK it must be a tough time, having wasted a third of the year since the vote.

Foreigners looking to invest and British Citizens such as myself who would be looking to reside in the UK again have advantages in that overseas earned income would have greater purchasing power since Sterling has depreciated over 10% against major currencies and the housing market has cooled off somewhat.

My only concern is that areas of Welfare and Human Rights are going to be problematic in the months/years to come. October 2016 as the time to start exit procedures has been pushed back to March 2017 and it makes Great Britain look like Little Britain!

We should have used the opportunity to make us a world Superpower again, as in the days of Empire:-

I lost interest in the Brexit Balls Up for the last three months as it is clear that people had voted based on half-baked nonsensical political garbage rather than anything that was actually cogent.

There was a bit of a flurry in terms of legal challenges, I recall, but those are not really feasible for reasons obvious enough and the decision as to the strategy falls squarely on Tough Tess and the Tories.

Part of the problem is that Britain is both the Surveillance State and the Welfare State. In relation to Surveillance the problem has just got worse with the latest reincarnation of the Investigatory Powers Bill

Theresa May’s surveillance plans should worry us all | John Naughton

So Theresa May’s investigatory powers bill has completed its passage through the House of Commons. It passed its third reading by 444 votes to 69 and now goes to the Lords for further consideration. Their lordships will do their best – and they are good at scrutinising complex legislation ....

I am really not sure how people continually fail to see where this is going and the impact on Human Rights:-


When I was residing in Singapore I was absolutely impressed by the fact that for the first two years after leaving school, there is compulsory National Service for the Singaporean men. It was an exciting opportunity to undergo military training and even fly the odd F-16 but it did facilitate the women into jobs sooner which they capitalised upon with their two-year head start.

I do have to state that I was astonished by the fact that the ratio of the main races of people (Chinese / Indian / Malays) who were commercial airline pilots was not reflected in the Air Force (hardly any Malays (typically Muslim) were allowed to fly fighter aircraft, for some reason). I could only think of two people at the time, and they were effectively flying transport aircraft as their daily duties.

That aside, however it remains a viable option to create a well-disciplined society.

Combined Cadet Force

When I was at Mount St Mary’s College I was a prominent member of the Combined Cadet Force and reached the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer and was senior cadet of the RAF Section. I also became a marksman with .22 and LE .303 as well as L98A1 5.56mm and L1A1 SLR 7.62mm . Also I won the Eastern District Submachine Gun championship as well as being one of only 30 cadets to attend the prestigious Leadership Training Course at RAF Hereford, home of the Special Air Service Regiment.

I have to say that the fun-fairs became truly fun-filled as I would win the large stuffed toy time and time again, with very little effort!

Also, I wanted to join the Royal Marines as a Medical Officer. Everyone knows that the British Royal Marines are far better trained than their American counterparts! This interest was as a direct result of getting exposure to different career paths before University and there is an obvious parallel to National Service.

Gamma Group Equipment - Body-Worn IMSI Catchers

Edward de Saram put a stop to my career in the British Armed Forces obviously, and instead I ended up in Information Security. However I do have some unusually-well connected American friends and I have undergone tactical weapons training / close protection so I can now shoot even better than before plus training in relation to Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) which are detonated by cellular signals.

I have been involved in various covert surveillance operations such as two in Bahamas in 2010 and three in Hong Kong SAR in 2014. When I had clowns hassling me in Sri Lanka from August 2015 onwards they were no match! Or maybe that was the product of a Jesuit School education rather than tactical training 🙂

National Service

One idea I had for the UK was that the Government should introduce National Service again, but make it voluntary. Specific benefits and tax allowances could be granted to citizens in the scheme and over a period of time it would hopefully reduce domestic crime over 5yrs allowing money to be spent on tackling the issues of global terrorism rather than graffiti and dole-bludgers 🙂

Additionally, National Service could be made compulsory for the various foreigners (without the benefits) that are ‘apparently’ sponging off the state or taking jobs from citizens. People would think twice before coming and then those that did would perform a useful function 🙂

And I am sure it will help ‘men’ go from this:-

back to this:-


Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM